Shay Mitchell On Her *Biggest* Beauty Disaster

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is definitely one of our girl crushes.

And if there’s one thing that fills us with envy, it’s those tumbling long locks that never seem to have a single hair out of place. Sigh.

But, she has experienced a beauty dilemma or two in her time. 

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Speaking to PEOPLE, the starlet recalled one of the biggest hair disasters she’s ever had. 

Shay said, ‘When I was about 12 years old, my best friend and I tried to straighten my hair with a clothing iron. I was like, “Wow, let’s really get it straight,” but I didn’t have all the fancy straightening irons that I have now, so I went and used a good ol’ clothing iron…’

Yup, we’re wincing too.

She continued, ‘I told her to press harder because she wasn’t getting it straight enough. Suddenly there was this horrible smell. It was my burnt hair that was half on the iron in a knot! I was traumatized.’

Crikey. We think we are too, and we’ve only heard about it.

>Shay Mitchell’s Instagram is brimming with #HairGoals


Safe to say, the 28-year-old learnt her lesson. She says, ‘After that, I’m crazy about what I do to my hair.’

Well, it shows, because you’ve got amazing locks, lady.  

What’s her secret? ‘I like to use a lot of coconut oil,’ she reveals, ‘…and let it just sit overnight. When I come out of the shower, I put my hair in a braid sometimes and I just let it air dry.’

We don’t know about you, but we’re taking notes.