This Is What Shay Mitchell Does To Get *That* Body

Shay Mitchell is fit. We mean, REALLY fit.

The Pretty Little Liars actress is not only known for her beautiful face, but also her insanely atheletic figure, which is pretty much all of our #bodygoals rolled into one person.

Which is why we were dying to know exactly what the 29-year-old beauty does to keep that bod so strong and toned. And thankfully, she’s spilled!

Speaking to Byrdie, Shay revealed that she’s constantly having to mix up her exercise regime to keep herself interested.

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‘I have to switch it up because I get bored, so I’ll try different classes’, she said.

So, is this fitness fanatic all about cardio, or weights, or strength training? Well, a little bit of everything, according to Shay.

‘Cardio for me is a spin class, I think it’s great’, she said. ‘I get so amped up with other people in the room, and there’s just a really good energy about it. So I’ll usually start with a spin class, then it will be something like weights or working out with my amazing trainer – we do a mix of Pilates and leg toning.


‘And then I’ll go take a Body by Simone class. There are so many amazing classes here in LA, but my favourite is boxing. I love it because there is the cardio at the beginning, and then we’re sparring afterward and then we do stretching and weights.’

Wowza. No wonder she looks that good.

But being a super busy actress can wreak havoc with a girl’s gym regime, so Shay also has some handy tips on what to do if you’ve only got 20 minutes to spare.

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‘Sprints. I’ll just go out on my street or find a good staircase and run up and down it’, she says.

Healthy eating is also a big part of how Shay stays in shape. 

‘Me being on set, I drink a lot of water’, she says. ‘I try to opt out of coffee and drink green tea instead. There are always options.’


And for snacks? ‘When I’m craving something sweet, I’ll have my pineapple chips or always make sure to eat a salad before I have something else just so I’ll be a little more full and not want double up on the main course.

‘I think it’s just finding a balance and not cutting anything out. I hate that; I hardly ever diet. I think it is just about making smart choices when you can’t get a workout in.’