9 Awkward Sex Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

Sure, every group of close gal pals has those sex conversations. But there might be a few questions that you just feel too embarrassed to say out loud. 

The internet is filled with SO MUCH information, it can be hard to know what to believe. 

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So we’ve found the answers to some of the most awkward sex questions that may have crossed your mind. 

Let’s go… 

Why can’t I orgasm during sex? 

First thing’s first; don’t panic, this is more common than you might think.

Dweck explains to Women’s Health, ‘Many women will not have an orgasm with vaginal intercourse alone and more direct clitoral stimulation from a partner or through masturbation does the trick.’

In fact, licensed psychologist Laurie Mintz, PhD, says that only about 30% of women can orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

Stress, or other lifestyle problems, may also be affecting you, so make sure you try and relax. 

Can he tell if I’m faking it? 

‘Most men in a sexual scenario can’t tell if a woman fakes an orgasm,’ Sari Cooper, sex therapist, tells Marie Claire. She continues, ‘…women can convince their partners they’ve orgasmed because each woman may orgasm differently. Some may make a lot of noise, while others may stay quiet, have less movement or make noises she thinks will sound convincing.’

So, if you find yourself having to fake it, don’t worry too much about hurting his feelings. 

He always wakes up with an erection, does that mean he’s been dreaming about sex?




Not necessarily. Tracey Cox explains, ‘Most men have between 4-5 erections a night as a result of their sleep cycle.

‘Women also get ‘erections’ during the night: though because the clitoris is tiny, no-one notices!’

Our advice? Embrace it, girls. Morning glory can be a lot of fun… 

Does using a vibrator stop you from enjoying sex?

Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert, explains to Marie Claire: ‘This depends on the level of power the vibrator delivers, how long you use it for and how often. Women who use their vibrators very regularly, on high settings for long periods of time do report issues with clitoral sensitivity. But most women recover fairly quickly and regain their sensitivity…’

Is it possible to get too ‘wet’ during sex?

Annabelle Knight explains, ‘women get wet when sexually aroused, it’s their vaginas way of preparing for intercourse.’

Obviously, everyone has their personal preferences of what does it for them, but as Annabelle puts it, ‘I’ve never heard of a man complaining of turning his partner on too much.’ 



Why am I too dry down there?

Doctorr Pixie McKenna, from Embarrassing Bodies, tells Marie Claire: ‘The female hormone oestrogen helps keep the vaginal walls lubricated so anything that impacts your levels can have a drying effect… 

‘The most obvious cause is menopause, where dryness is a classic symptom.’ 

‘Hormone levels can also dip post pregnancy, when breast feeding, or can be influenced by your choice of contraceptive.’ 

‘Skin conditions similar to those elsewhere on the body can result in vaginal dryness. Simple things like over washing the area or lack of foreplay can also play a role.’ 

‘Certain prescription pills or medical conditions can dry up the vagina so it’s important to consider the bigger picture when trying to work out a cause.’ 

‘The golden rule is don’t over wash and always use a PH balanced product. Avoid lengthy baths and steer clear of douches and perfumed feminine hygiene products.’ 

‘Use a water soluble starch based lubricant gel for intercourse… remember sex is a marathon not a sprint so give yourself time to get into the mood which will help with natural lubrication.’  

What happens if I lose a condom inside me?




This happens more than you’d think! 

It will be easier than you’d imagine to get it out (don’t worry, it can’t get ‘lost’).

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Just remember, if you’re not on another form of contraception, you might want to look into the emergency contraceptive pill to avoid falling pregnant. You might also want to go for a sexual health check up if you have any STD concerns. 

It’s always better to be safe, guys. 

Can I have sex when I’m on my period? 




Yes. Yes, you can.

You might find that you’re a little more, ahem, horny than usual during that time of the month, so if you’re in the mood, make sure that your man doesn’t mind, and go with it. 

Can having a lot of sex make my vagina ‘loose’?

Sari Cooper says, ‘The vagina is created like a balloon to expand and contract as needed. Having lots of penetrative sex is not going to stretch the vaginal walls permanently.’

So that’s that myth busted.