Serena Williams Shows Off Her Nail Art At Wimbledon!

Queen of the tennis court, Serena Williams, has not only been showing off her amazing sporting skills at Wimbledon, but she’s also been rocking some pretty awesome nail art!

Ultra-cool nail art salon, WAH Nails, tweeted a sneaky pic of Ms Williams’ custom, orange and white nail design, featuring a statement gold jewel on her middle finger. We LOVE this look, and have spent all morning trying to recreate it ourselves using Models Own WAH Nails Nail Art Pens, £6 each.

It’s not the first time we’ve lusted over Serena Williams‘ nails – at the pre-Wimbledon party, she showed off a gorgeous, polka-dot pink and cloud nail art design. That’s our weekend nailspiration sorted then – thanks Serena!

By Victoria Jowett

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