Sephora Are Getting Sued For Giving Someone Herpes

BRB, just going to vom.

If I had to describe one of my biggest makeup fears, aside from going blind after applying a mascara this would probably be it.

How often have you tried on beauty counter products? Ok, so maybe we’re grown up now and we know that it’s probably not the wisest idea, however when I was a little girl I don’t think there was a time I left boots having not plastered my face in testers, which i’m sure had touched hundreds, if not thousands of other people faces. GROSS.

Any who, according to TMZ a poor, poor woman from California is Suing Sephora after she claims she developed oral herpes from a ‘common use’ tube of lipstick which was on a counter at the store.

Apparently, the understandably distressed lady was diagnosed with oral herpes after she used the sample back in October 2015. She says she had no history of herpes prior to using it and that she is suing them on the grounds that there were no warnings about potential health repercussions after using their samples and for leaving her with an ‘incurable lifelong affliction.’

And it gets worse. Sadly this horror story isn’t a stand alone situation, a Huffington Post article has stated that when it comes to getting type 1 herpes, anything that touches your mouth could pass it on and lipstick is a very common cause. So far Sephora have issued no statements on the situation.

So, please make sure you NEVER share your makeup with anyone, even just friends. It sounds severe, but it’s really the only way to make sure you are safe. If you’re keen to see what a lipstick looks like on you, just swatch it on the back of your hand or hold it up to your mouth to see. No makeup product is worth getting ill for.