Here’s Why Selena Gomez’s Body Looks SO Incredible

Selena Gomez is looking absolutely amazing right now, right?

We know, part of it is due to the fact that she was blessed with good genes (and great hair), but she also works hard at looking incredible. And thankfully for us, she’s been spilling her workout tips...

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The 23-year-old kicked off her brand new Revival tour last night, and Selena admits that she put in plenty of hard graft to get her body in tip-top shape for the tour.

Explaining to Vogue that she started a brand new workout regime a month and a half ago, Selena said: ‘Once we started rehearsing, I was doing Pilates, SoulCycle, every form of yoga.’

‘Basically, I wanted to mix things up because I get bored easily. I just try to keep it fresh. I love how Pilates makes me feel, like it opens me up. I have the hardest time breathing, weirdly enough. Even when I have conversations, I need to work on my breathing, so it’s something I enjoy because it’s peaceful and it helps me relax.’ 



Gomez added that some of it comes naturally with the job, however, with those gruelling stage routines also contributing to her fitness game.

‘I’m doing two shows back to back [today], and that’s cardio in itself’, she said.

And with her new healthy regime, there’s one drink you’ll never see her without. 

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‘I always have water, tonnes of water’, the Hands To Myself singer said. ‘It’s even in my bathroom because I used to be so bad at drinking water and I want to stay hydrated.’ 

Food-wise, Selena’s big into her juicing game. ‘I have a juicer I’m staring at right now, so I always have my vegetables and my fruit for the juicer’, she admitted. 



‘I do two carrots, ginger, I do one piece of celery – I know, that’s lame, but one – and then half of a beet.’ Not lame at all, when you look like that.

One thing’s for sure – we could definitely learn a thing or two from this beauty.