Say Hello To The Future Of Mascara…

The beauty industry is evolving, and we have one particular revolutionary type of product hot on our radar. Could it be laser lipsticks, self-removing foundation or colour changing eyeshadow? Close, but no cigar... The beauty item in question is actually adjustable mascara!

Ahhh, mascara. The product that’s proven to instantly pimp your lashes is a makeup bag must have and for good great reason.

There are thousands of mascaras on the market – both budget friendly and high end – making it no difficult task getting your hands on one.

The mascaras availble literally leave you spoilt for choice, especially if you’re looking for a specific effect for your eyelashes.

Want longer length? We recommend the Essence I Love Crazy Volume Mascara, £2.80. Or, if you’re focused on having darker lashes, we love the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara, £5.49.

Whatever way you love your lashes to look, there is a mascara for it.

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BUT, what if you want long, volumous and dark mascara but don’t want to have to purchase a gazillion different products to get it?!

Step in the mascaras that are changing the  game and are guaranteed to give you your best lashes with just one product – adjustable mascara.

We know, we know, it doesn’t sound quite as cool as laser lipstick, but adjustable mascaras are officially sculpting the future of makeup.

Adjustable mascaras allow you to change the density and length of your mascara wand effortlessly. Having to buy 20 different mascaras to get the different effects is now SO 2015.

The pioneer for this mascara innovation is from Korean beauty brand, Too Cool For School with their Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara, £19.


This nifty product lets you change the size of the bristles yourself to create a bestoke lash look, meaning no more chosing between what type of mascara you need as it does everything in the one!

Jay Manuel Beauty (yas, as in the Jay Manuel who judged on America’s Next Top Model and MUA to the stars) is also stealing the mascara show with their Everything Mascara, £27. With a twist of the dial, you can watch your mascara wand change before your eyes.


These new wave mascaras are super simple to alter and retract to suit your personal lash preference. Whether you like short, dark eyelashes or them long and whispy – these ah-mazing mascaras are guaranteed to give you your most personal lash experience yet.

By Catherine Delves