When LOOK Met Carrie Bradshaw

Our Beauty Ed Lydia caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker to chat her new fragrance, what she thinks of Kim Kardashian, shoes and erm... sinks!

I’m pretty sure if I asked most of my friends which female celebrity they’d like to meet, SJP would be up there, so not only was this a great opportunity to boast on Instagram, but it was also a bit of a dream come true.

In thirty-five degree heat I walked as slowly as I could to keep cool in the heels I’d worn to impress her. I mean of course right?

I arrived as chilled as I could (I was sweating!) at her swanky London hotel suite, which FYI was bigger than my actual house.

I was greeted by not only the biggest smile and the most gorgeously dressed diddy SJP- she’s like tiny – but also the most incredible scent. It was the sort of fragrance that walks by you and you have to stop the person and ask them what they’re wearing. The perfume in question? Sarah Jessica Parker’s new scent STASH of course! And it’s no surprise that she told me that she has been working on this fragrance for nearly ten years. Wowzers! No wonder it’s so good. Here’s what we nattered about:

So SJP I love the new fragrance, It smells so high end and grown up.

“Oh I’m glad, thank you, I adore it. I’ve been waiting for ten years to launch this and I just love everything about it. It’s genderless, it’s not a fragance for her or him, it’s a scent for humans.”

SJP Stash

So will men love it?

Yes we’ve had about the same amount of men sharing posts about it and saying how much they adore it. It’s funny because when I came up with the concept ten years ago, the industry was like no that’s not done, but now that trend has been and gone. But this was worth waiting for.

Can we talk about your heel obsession?

Well actually it’s a bit of a myth that I’m always in heels, I do love them, but I spend so much time running around taking my kids to school and dashing to meetings in the city, I’m usually in flats. *Damn it why did I wear these silly heels! *

What do you always have in your handbag?

I always have fragrance in my handbag, a lip-gloss, I never wear lipstick I look terrible in lipstick, other make up and I always keep Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Pencil in Jungle with me, I’m obsessed. It would actually look amazing on you, like incredible, your eyes are amazing, they’re like mine but cooler.

Ok blush SJP, thanks! Now back to the beauty what’s your skincare secret?

I never have time to have facials and treatments, so the only thing I do at home is I use a Morrocan black soap, which comes in a gel pump and I use that when I remember, I have to leave it on for like ten or fifteen minutes and it gets really quite tight on your skin as it dries, it’s really beautiful and it leaves you with really clear skin. But I’ve got no secrets sadly!

Lydia and Sarah Jessica Parker

What’s the one style item you just can’t stop buying? It’s shoes right?

No ha ha! It’s actually grey sweaters. I have like six that are the same. I always buy them from Alternative Apparel. I don’t suit stripe tees, I love them on other people and I wish they suited me, but they don’t, so I would always buy a grey sweatshirt or a really good quality cardigan, but I just don’t shop that much. I honestly spend my money on things like sinks!

Hahaha. Whaaaaat?

Honestly I’m not kidding, like old used sinks and bookshelves, and that’s my true problem. Honestly it’s like a problem. I like to find old vintage shops and I’ll find bits in there. They can be like cheap or really expensive and I don’t always buy it, it just feels good.

So you always add to cart, but never checkout?

Yes! I’m really nervous about buying sinks, because you know where am I putting them? Ha ha! But I’m not kidding it’s a problem. I’ll take them off the street. I pick them out of the garbage….

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