The Secret Behind Sarah Ashcroft And Danielle Peazer’s Hot Hair

And no, we're not talking about loading up on the hair masks...

If there’s one thing we know about beauty bloggers, it’s that they have amazing hair. We mean, it’s kind of a given, right?

And one lady who never lets us down in the hair department is Sarah Ashcroft, a blogger who’s famed for her gorgeous, tumbling ombre locks.

So, what’s her secret? Well, before you go assuming she was simply blessed with Rapunzel tresses, we’ve got good news – she’s actually just a huge fan of hair extensions.

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In fact, Sarah has just been unveiled as the new face of Vixen & Blush, who have just launched their completely seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Unlike other clip-ins, these badboys are made from the exact same gorgeous, high quality Russian hair that V&B uses in its two London salons (even A-list actress Alicia Vikander gets her hair done here), and not only that, but the colour match is probably the best we’ve ever seen. (And trust us, we’ve seen a lot).

Hands up who's always dreamed of owning long, Rapunzel locks?!

Hands up who’s always dreamed of owning long, Rapunzel locks?!

The tricky thing about buying clip-ins online is that you can’t see the shade of the hair very well, which leaves you vulnerable to getting a dodgy set through the post that you’ll no doubt need to return.

But Vixen & Blush’s new offerings are made of large wefts with darker and lighter tones blended through to match the natural variations in our hair. As well as being totally multi-tonal, most of them also have slightly darker roots and lighter tips for a root-to-tip colour match – the DREAM.


‘The hair appears to sprout from the root to mimic normal hair growth’, V&B owner Sarah McKenna says. ‘This benefit will be particularly welcomed by brides and by women who want to be as discreet as possible when adding volume and length to their hair for occasions.’

Fellow fitness and lifestyle blogger Danielle Peazer is also a big fan, and gave us a glimpse of just how good the V&B hair is on Snapchat whilst on a recent visit to the salon to try out the clip-ins for herself.

Danielle Peazer's before and after shot

Danielle Peazer’s before and after shot

‘I’ve had bonded extensions before in the past and for me personally, these clip ins are way better for my hair and lifestyle’, Danielle says. ‘The bonded ones didn’t really work for me as I wear my hair up quite a lot so it was quite difficult. But, with these clip ins, I can easily take them out to put my hair up and pop them back in when I have my hair down!

Perfect colour match or what?!

Perfect colour match or what?!

‘I think the colour match is completely spot on with my hair’, she continued. ‘I’ve had my hair a few different colours so it can be quite hard to match but they are perfect. They are darker at the root – which is what my hair is – and then gets lighter towards the end so they blend so, so well.’

She also stars in the smokin’ new campaign video:

Yep, they get the thumbs up from us.

Prices of Vixen & Blush’s new seamless clip-ins start at start at £275 for a Half Head and go up to £545 for a Full Head depending on the length required.