Australia’s Best-Selling Face Mask Is Here

And boy is it good...

Have you ever noticed how Australians seem to have everything? Constant sun, bronzed bods, golden hair – not to mention beaches in their backyard. And, if you’ve ever been over there you’ve probably also noticed they all seem to have great skin.

Sunshine? We used to think so, that was until a little blue pot of pink stuff landed on our desks this week. Created by Sand & Sky, Brilliant Skin, £39.90 is a botanical, sell-out face mask that Aussies have been obsessed with for yonks and is the secret behind their glowing complexions.

You might of spotted it on Insta because it’s currently taking over social media and it’s on it’s way to the UK as we speak. The vegan formula contains purifying pink clay which brightens, draws out dirt, refines pores and stops excess sebum – expect a total skin overhaul in just 10 mins.

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If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘great, but clay masks always stress out my skin’ don’t fret. Unlike some other detoxing masks, this one is safe for sensitive faces thanks to it’s non drying, paraben-free formula.

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As well as doing pretty much everything you’d want a mask to do there’s the added bonus of it boosting collagen. Oh and did we mention it comes with a seriously cute mini brush to apply it with? Give us ALL the Brilliant Skin masks, please.

Want it? You’ll have to join the wait list, which already has way over 1,000 people since it was put up last Friday.