Sam Faiers On Why Boyfriend Paul Came Across Badly On TV

Sam Faiers has been opening up about how boyfriend Paul Knightley came across in the first series of Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries 2.

The former TOWIE star’s baby daddy was criticised at the time of the series being aired, with many accusing him of being ‘lazy’, ‘selfish’ and ‘a controlling man boy’.

But now, Sam wants to explain the real reason why Paul may have come across a little badly on TV.

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Speaking of how he won’t be appearing as much in the second series, Sam said: ‘Paul’s in the show but he works full time so he’s only in it as and when he can be.’

‘It’s not his thing’, she said. ‘I threw him in the deep end with a one-off series, he’d never done TV before and he didn’t feel comfortable or 100% in front of the camera.’

In fact, Paul even admitted that he was struggling with the show at the time.



‘He said: “I just cant relax”, which is fair enough’, Sam confessed. ‘So I didn’t put him under any pressure with the [new] series. He’s just in it when hes around. It’s a lot less intense it’s a series rather than one show.’

And the mum-of-one is definitely hopeful that the new series will be just as successful as February’s. 

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‘People say there was a backlash but it was the highest rated ITVBe show of all time and the majority of people in the street who I would chat to said it was amazing, you’ve got to make another one’, she said.

‘Everybody really enjoyed it and were really positive to me. I didn’t really care. Some of the comments we sat down and laughed. You get used to that.’

Aw. We can’t wait!