Is Your Salt Spray Ruining Your Hair?

For yeeeears now we’ve been dousing our hair in salt spray in order to get those summer beachy waves. Quick spritz and a scrunch and you’re ready to go, right? The dream.

But news just in – people are now saying that salt spray is actually damaging our hair and that maybe we shouldn’t be using quite as much of the stuff. Gulp.

As much as we love salt sprays for giving our hair major texture, over time the salt can have a drying effect on hair – which is why it minimises that fluffy, just washed texture – good for beachy waves, but in the long term: bad for our tresses.



If you think about it, it’s basically the same principle as wearing matte lipstick all the time. All that matte-ness (is that a word?!) is gonna dry your lips out big time – and it’s the same with sea salt sprays and your hair.

But don’t despair, because we’re not saying it’s time to chuck your fave sea salt spray just yet. Like our pal the Buddha says: everything in moderation babes.

However, if you can’t put down the bottle, there’s a new era of sugar sprays that practically do the same for your hair – without the drying effects.

Whereas salt sprays dry out your strands, sugar sprays leave a sheen on your hair – adding the extra grip and texture – but with added hair hydration benefits.

Our faves? Check out Sachajuan Ocean Mist, £18, Ouai Wave Spray, £22 and Wella EIMI Sugar Lift Spray, £7 which all contain sugars which are less drying on the hair


Sugar Sprays – better for your hair!!