This Shampoo Will Basically Give You New Hair

Curly hair is a bit of a pain – can I get a ‘hear hear’. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong I love what the big guy gave me, I just envy all the silky, straight haired gals out there living their lives with swishy hair that ain’t cost them a thing.

Curly, frizzy hair takes time, like a small child it needs constant attention and care or it just will not behave. Because my hair is hard to handle, I’m happy to spend more on products – tell me something will smooth my stressy strands and I’ll be throwing my money your way. I’m also a seasoned tester, and by that I mean I literally try a different shampoo/conditioner/styling cream, every night in a bid to find the holy grail for my hair.

Well, last night something happened, and I’m going to tell you about it, because I’m still pretty shook up about it. Having exhausted all the bottles on my shower floor I set out to raid my cupboard in search of something I hadn’t used. I grabbed some stuff that had yet to make its way onto my head and got in the shower.

The usual sequence commenced: shampoo, condition, leave conditioner in while doing miscellaneous shower activities like washing, shaving ect, get out of shower and dry.
It was a pretty normal shower, nothing too out of the ordinary. I wrapped my hair in my microfiber, frizz fighting Lisse Luxe hair Towel, £30 (FYI if you’re a curly girl you NEED one of these in your life, you’ll thank me later) and waited for it to dry.

I’ll spare you the boring details but I followed with: Morroccanoil Smoothing Lotion, £29.25, Maria Nila Style & Finish Cream Heat Spray, £8.99 and Living proof. Restore Target Repair Hair Cream, £25, – all my go-to styling products that I’ve used before, and set to work blow-drying

Even before I begun I noticed a difference in my hair; as it started to dry the curls were more regular shaped and far less frizzy than normal, just generally less unruly – weird right? Anyway, as I continued I literally could not believe what I was seeing, to the point where I put down my Babyliss Big Hair Air Styler, £40, and ran upstairs to get my sister – we pretty much both stood there staring at my hair because it looked INSANE.

Coming from someone who blow-dries her hair herself a lot – I had never, ever seen it look like this before. It was impossibly shiny, with not one frizzy, flyaway area, it fell around my shoulders like some kind of Victoria’s Secret model, and this is without any straighteners. It takes a lot to make me this hair-happy, but we’re talking the shiny, soft strands that I regularly dream about.

Working my way back though what I’d tried, the only new product I’d not used before was Rossano Ferretti’s Parma Intesno Softening And Smoothing Shampoo, £32.

Hailing from the heart of Italy, Rossano’s range is based on the idea of skincare but for hair, the range encompasses the marriage between science and nature coming together to create the perfect hair care. The shampoo itself is sulphate free and contains avocado oil, vitamin A and E, but long story short, it left my hair looking like i’d just had some miracle treatment. Never has a shampoo made such a difference, which is kind of a big deal. Yes, it comes in at a rather expensive £32, but if anything is worth the splurge it’s this, ladies.

The Rossano Ferretti Parma range is available exclusively at Selfridges.