Rosie Shows Us How To Effortlessly Slay Winged Liner

We all know the battle that is winged eyeliner.  The shaky hands and sweaty palms, the betrayal when one side turns out perfect and the other is a hot mess, and the sheer panic when balancing the wings begins to turn into panda eyes. Sound familiar?

Fortunately for us liner lovers, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took to Snapchat last night to demonstrate how easy it is to apply winged liner with her new Rosie for Autograph Liquid Eyeliner, £14, and Gel Eyeliner Pen, £12.50.


Instagram: @rosiehw

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Ready for her step-by-step? ‘Course you are!

Step One- Using the Gel Eyeliner Pen, draw a fine line across your lid, and extend the wing towards the tail of your brow. If you want your liner to be sleek and sophisticated, create a soft, flatter angle with your wing. Alternatively, if you’re after something more graphic and standout, don’t be afraid to make the angle of your wing sharper and higher.

Step Two- Take the Rosie Liquid Eyeliner and intensify the gel line running along your lash line. Going slowly and steadily is * defo * the key to winged liner, so use small flicking motions to build your wing neatly.

Step Three- Still using the Rosie Liquid Eyeliner, use the fine point of the liner to create Rosie’s signature sharp feline flick. Press lightly to ensure the line is nice and slim, and extend it as far as you’d like to create your perfect wing!

Eyeliner Hack… Apply a strip of Sellotape to the corner of your eyes and use it as a guide when drawing your wing for straight lines every time.

Rosie really makes it look effortless – we can’t wait to try out her technique!


Instagram: @rosiehw

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Your flawless yet effortless Monday morning makeup is sorted!

The Rosie for Autograph Liquid Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner pen are both available to buy from Marks & Spencer in store and online now.

By Catherine Delves