MIC’s Rosie Fortescue Hits Back At Body Shamers

Rosie Fortescue is NOT afraid of telling internet trolls what she really thinks of them.

As we all know, the Made In Chelsea lady has an ah-mazing figure. But she still finds herself getting targeted by cruel body shamers on Twitter.

Yeah, really. *Sighs*.

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Unfortunately for the nasty users, Rosie is more than happy to fight back. She recently did this when she was (rather ludicrously) accused of having an eating disorder.

> Rosie Fortescue is proud of her body



This Blogger Hits Out At Her Body Shaming Date With Sass

‘When people make dumb comments about me, I usually delete them or block them,’ says the feisty 25-year-old.

‘I did retaliate the other day when someone called me anorexic and told me to eat because of my effect on other young people. That was so wrong.

‘I’m definitely not anorexic, I love my food and actually eat a huge amount, but I just happen to have a fast metabolism and good genes.

‘I just think people who have the time to try to get a reaction and make stupid, ill-informed comments should get a life.’

> Rosie Fortescue looks ah-mazing in a bikini


Weight taunts aren’t the only things that Rosie has had to deal with since rising to fame on the reality show four years ago.

Ridiculously, she’s also had to deal with negative comments about her complexion.

We think Rosie’s English Rose skin tone perfectly suits her – and she agrees. On MIC, the London girl has confidently spoken about shunning fake tan.

But that doesn’t stop others from trying to make her feel bad about going au naturel.

> Rosie Fortescue is happy with her English Rose complexion



Lauren Conrad Bans Body Shaming Words From Her Website

‘I’ve had to develop a tough skin,’ she says.

‘I’m my own person and I won’t look a certain way to please the public. I like being pale and, put it this way, no-one orange is ever going to make the cover of Vogue.’

What can we say? You keep doing you, Rosie.