Root Concealer Powders: Tried And Tested By LOOK

You know the feeling. You desperately need to get your roots done, but you just don’t have the time… So what’s the solution, living for weeks with that dreaded regrowth and simply investing in a fabulous array of hats?

Well, not anymore. Because Charles Worthington’s Instant Root Concealer Powder has just arrived to give your coloured tresses an instant refresh.

The latest addition to the brand’s extremely popular Instant Root Concealer range, this temporary touch-up powder is specially designed to hide those dark roots and leave you with a natural-looking finish.

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> The before-and-after shots

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer, £9.99

Of course, we had to try it for ourselves – and we have to say, we’re a little hooked.

The brush-and-powder combos come in four shades – Light Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brown and Dark Brown (we tried Light Blonde).

Because the powder is pigmented, you must put a towel round your shoulders before applying to make sure it doesn’t stain your clothes.

> The aftermath…

Then, start dabbing the powder onto your parting before using the brush to blend into your roots and around your hairline.

It takes a few goes to build up coverage, but once you’re done, the results are noticeable – our roots definitely looked lighter and refreshed.

The benefit of it being in powder form also means that it doesn’t feel like you’re ‘painting’ hair with product, either, so your hair will still feel lovely and clean afterwards.

All in all, we’re big fans, and seeing as the original spray-on Charles Worthington Root Concealers sell one every minute, we suspect this latest addition might be following suit in the popularity stakes…