Rochelle Humes On Beauty, Marvin And Being A Mum

Rochelle Humes is one busy lady; from taking care of her gorgeous daughter Alaia-Mai with her husband Marvin, to being a spokesperson for cosmetics giant Max Factor, to prepping for a whole host of (secret) music and telly projects – she’s definitely got a lot of plates spinning.

Luckily, we managed to pin her down for a chat about her hair and beauty must-haves (how does she always look SO stunning?!),  her favourite fitness routine, and who does the cooking in her house…

Has your beauty routine changed a lot since having a baby?

Erm no, I was just saying before, this is part of my job and thankfully and luckily, I have so much fun working with Max Factor. And you know I’m still young and I still love going out, I still love getting dressed up. But when I’m home, [having a baby] limits the time there actually is to get ready, so sometimes not so much.

Does she like to steal your makeup?

Totally! She loves it! At the shoot for this she was a nightmare. She was having the best time – she loves it. She’ll be three next month.

You have amazing skin – so what are your go-to skincare products?

I love Sicily skincare. I love anything that hasn’t got too much in it. I was saying before coconut oil is amazing for everything – for your hair, you can cook with it…I had a facial on holiday and the lady was saying it’s an antiseptic so if you put it on a spot it will go down, and it did! And it’s a good moisturizer…literally its good everything.

What’s your favourite foundation?

I love Max Factor Miracle Match, it’s so good. I always struggle to find something for darker skin – but with this, there’s 16 shades. I wore it on holiday a couple of weeks ago and loved it.

Do you have any cool makeup tips or tricks?

Do your eye makeup before your base – that’s good for me. If you’re a makeup artist you can kind of do everything at once, but for me if I was putting dark on my eyes, then doing my foundation, I end up having to wipe it all off, because it all drops down doesn’t it? So I always do my eyes first because it’s easier.



How do you keep your hair in such good condition? It’s amazing!

I’ve been really doing a lot of treatments because the older I’ve got the more obsessed ive got with looking after my hair because I was saying ‘If I didn’t do this, if I didn’t have so many colours on it back in the day it would be nicer…’ And also, after I had Alaia, I lost a little bit of the front. It’s fine now but it happens I think, to a lot of people. And where I get my hair done pretty much every day for work it breaks a lot, so heat protector, and a good shampoo a good treatment are important.

Are you wearing extensions now?

I’ve got a couple in! For thickness. I’m not too proud to admit it!

What’s your workout routine?

I work out once a week and I can’t commit to any more than that. I’m not one of those people who’s like ‘I enjoy it, I feel amazing after it’ – I don’t. I dread going I dread going when I’m there. And I’m not a big moaner in life but in the gym that is where the moaning goes down…I’ve started doing pilates,the reformers one. And I love it. And I’ve never enjoyed exercise in my life so I think, I can commit to it. And I just try to have a balanced diet and then I’m doing that. The first time I did it I thought ooh this is going to do much but then the next day I was aching. Some of the stretches you do get that burn when your legs shake, but its quite chilled the environment, so I really enjoy it.

What’s your favourite piece from the new Max Factor collection?

Foundation is definitely my favourite because I’ve always struggled to find a brand that does a foundation that’s a good colour for me, you know. I find it so, so tough. Lipfinity lip colour from Max Factor is one of my favourites, and Lipfinity lipstick is a modern twist on that. It’s a bullet lipstick that has great pigment and it’s very long lasting. I’m wearing one now.

And who is your body inspiration?

As much as I say I don’t like to work out because I don’t, but when I see someone’s body and I can tell they eat well and that they’ve worked hard in the gym – I love that. I alwys think Jessica Alba looks like she’s worked out but she looks comfortable in her body. She looks how she should look.

Who does most of the cooking in your house?

Me! I love cooking. I love food and I’m such a foodie. Marvin does a fry-up and thinks he’s like Gordon Ramsey. The BBQ in the summer is his thing – he forgets all the stuff I’ve done before that – preparing – and he just flips the meat on and literally feels so masculine. Isn’t it funny? He’s like ‘how good is that meat? Is it cooked right?’ His Dad comes around and helps him (I shouldn’t say that!). But yeah, he’s a real man’s cook and think he’s great at it! Oh and he carves the meat on our Sunday roast. So macho.

What your idea of a perfect date night?

It depends how we’re feeling actually. We like to go out for a nice dinner, but sometimes if weve both been busy we like to chill at home. Erm, either just a nice chilled dinenr at home or a takeaway. I’m quite a cheap date now days…it totally depends how busy we’ve been. If not we quite like to go somewhere nice for dinner and drink and meet our friends.



Who are your top 3 favourite people you follow on Instagram?

Hmmm that’s a tricky one. Oh, I follow the Bodycoach. I always look at what he’s putting up but sometimes not with the sound on! Who else? A lot of style stuff, I love looking at that. But it’s just the worst when you find yourself lost and think ‘how have I got into that person’s page from that person’s page?’ I saw one of those quotes on Instagram the other day and it said ‘when you get introduced to someone for the first time and you say hi and play it cool, all you really want to ask them is how their trip was to Spain in 2011 with their auntie’. It’s like, so true – you’ve scrolled down that far you know all about them. I follow lots of home décor ones (Inspire Me Home Décor), some kids stuff, and loads of makeup people. I literally must follow everyone’s makeup artist. Oh and Black Jaguar White Tiger. It’s this amazing guy and he’s quite wealthy, who rescues these endangered animals and keeps them! He puts up little baby cubs and cute stuff!

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

Yes I think so. I was going to go to Coachella. I always go to V Festival, I love V and it doesn’t take me too long to get there. And I’m not a massive camper so I don’t do any of that I just like to go for the day! I just love the vibes, and the music and the hanging out with my friends. I don’t like to camp.

And have you got any career projects coming up that you can talk to us about?

Not much that I’m allowed to talk about, but lots of fun stuff. A new TV show that will be really good so I can say that, but I can’t say what. But yeah, everything’s excited I feel excited…