Reasons Why The Rio Olympics Is *Really* Making Us Want To Shop

Yeah we're excited for Rio 2016 as much as the next person, but from Brazilian inspired bronzers to tropical sweet scents, here are the beauty buys we’re backing this August...

1. Flirt your way to the finish line

This new luminous blush from Kiko contains three colours that work together as a perfect complexion brightening team, it also has a clever built in applicator, which is perfect for touch ups on the go!

3D LIGHT & GLOW highlighter 02 - Challenge Peach

Kiko Milano The Beauty Games Collection 3D Colour & Glow Blush, £9.90

2. Bag yourself some Olympic worthy tresses

CoLab’s fruity dry shampoo refreshs sweaty scalps whether you’ve been hitting the long jump or… lounging in the sun!

COLAB_Dry_Shampoo_Rio_200ml_1411661872 copy

CoLab Dry Shampoo, £3.50

3. For Olympic swimmer smoothness

The shredded coconut and sweet almond oil in The Body Shop’s Pinita Colada Body Scrub sloughs away dull and dry skin, leaving our limbs looking smoother than an Olympic swimmers!


The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Scrub, £15

4. Get a marathon-worthy mani

With 7 carnival-inspired shades heading up the new Rio 2016 collection, Essie’s popping yellow Aim To Misbehave gets a gold medal for marking their 1000th ever shade! WOAH.

rio collection[1]

Essie 2016 Collection, £7.99 each

5. Your Summer scent, bottled!

If summer was a scent, this would be it. A spritz of this and we’re transported to the hustle and bustle of Rio de Janerio


Calvin Klein CK One Summer, £33

6. Cheat the genes of Brazilian supermodels

St Tropez Luxe Dry Oil, containing Brazilian Nut Oil, is the closet we’ll come to getting Giselle like limbs!


St Tropez Luxe Dry Oil, £25

7. Don’t forget SPF!

Stay protected through the games with this fruity pineapple and coconut SPF spray. Like sunshine in a spray, even if it’s not actually shining outside!


Coola Eco-Lux SPF 30 Pina Colada Sunscreen Spray, £29

8. Give yourself a Brazilian-worthy facial

Magnitone’s new Brazilian Barefaced Brush gives skin a super deep-down cleanse, boosting radiance and minimising the appearance of pores


Magnitone Brazilian Brush, £70