Lash Perm In A Bottle: Meet Rimmel’s New Super Mascara

When it comes to saving money on pricey beauty buys the one place you can afford to scrimp, and that’s mascara. 

There are so many amazing highstreet/drugstore mascaras out there that are JUST as good – if not better – than their high end counterparts.

And one ah-mazing example? Rimmel’s new 24HR Supercurler Mascara. At just £6.99 it’s a serious bargain and the formula is one of the best we’ve tried (and we’ve tried A LOT of mascaras).

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We know, you’re looking at the brush thinking “but it looks like every other mascara! What makes this one so special?!” Well let us tell you…

Unlike any other mascara the clever folks over at Rimmel have managed to design a formula that works like a built in lash curler (genius, right?!) It lifts lashes up from the roots in just a few sweeps, making them instantly appear longer and fuller, whilst the ‘fixing polymers’ in the formula keeps them up so they don’t start to droop after a few hours. It’s so good 81% of women agree it gives both volume and curl (tested on 300 women).

We tried it out and were instantly impressed with the fanned-out bambi lash flutter it gave our peepers. But it wasn’t just the instant effects that got us excited, after a full day (including a pretty intense spin class) the mascara didn’t budge. Yep, there was zero fall out (so no panda eyes), and this was down to the smudge proof 24hour formula. 

So if you’re in the market for a new mascara make sure you check out Rimmel’s 24HR Supercurler, £6.99, trust us, your flutter will thank you for it!

Rimmel 24HR Supercurler, £6.99

Want super-curly lashes? Better try Rimmel’s new mascara!