Rihanna Wows At The Met Ball 2011 With Her Killer Hairstyle

As The Met Ball 2011 commenced in New York, there was one lady we couldn’t stop looking at – Rihanna! Wearing a beaded lace floor-length dress, RiRi wowed us with not only her amazing bod, but also her killer plaited hairstyle. Jealous? Us too!

While wondering if our hair will ever grow to such lengths, we thought we’d let you into a little hair-growth secret. Down at Hersheson salons, they’re selling amazing clip-on plaits – so there’ll be no stopping us in copying her look! Rihanna look out, lookalikes will be running around the UK everywhere! SF

Daniel Hersheson Clip-On Pony Tail, £70, comes in 10 shades.

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