What Happened When We Tried A REVIV Vitamin Drip

You may have noticed an interesting trend emerging on Instagram – vitamin drips.

Celebrities including Simon Cowell, Cara Delevingne, George Shelley and Chrissy Teigen have tried the procedure, which involves having vitamins and minerals pumped straight into the bloodstream.

Even Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead has got in on the act, recently visiting London clinic REVIV to sample their treatments.

Binky Felstead popped into REVIV last week

REVIV describes itself as ‘the future of wellness’ and ‘a supplement for daily life and stresses’, which provides both IV therapies and booster shots.

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Binky, 25, opted for their Slimboost and Vitaglow Infusion drips, which claim to ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘energise’ the body.

Natalie Imbruglia’s given a vitamin drip a go

But do these drips really work? Well, we thought we’d find out for ourselves.

When we were invited to test out REVIV in the middle of a super-hectic London Fashion Week, we just couldn’t say no.

REVIV has over 25 clinics across the UK

It’s publicised as a ‘go-to company for providing key vitamins with no downtime.’ Which is perfect for busy ladies on the go, right?

Our Digital Writer Anna was the one to see what the fuss was all about. Here’s what she had to say…

George Shelley has tested out a REVIV treatment

‘There are a number of treatments available at REVIV, but I went for a Megaboost. It’s their signature vitamin infusion and said to restore hydration, deliver an energy kick and boost your immune system, among other things.

‘The staff were all lovely and professional. They made me fill out a lengthy medical form before using a cold spray on my arm and inserting the needle (which, I have to admit, hurt a teeny bit).

‘I was hooked up to the drip for around 25 minutes and then was able to carry on my day normally.

‘I definitely felt an energy boost when I got back to the office. Although after a hectic weekend, I can’t say I felt particularly different to usual.

‘However, I’ve been told that it can take a few days for the effects to kick in, and that they can last for weeks. So I’m interested to see if it’ll be more of a slow burner.

‘With energy shots starting at £29 and IV hydration treatments (like mine) starting at £99, it’s not cheap. But there’s got to be a reason VIPs keep going back…’