Is Oskia's fermented skincare the secret to flawless skin?

Why We’re Loving British Skincare Brand Oskia

Fermented natural ingredients are building a buzz in the beauty world – and the brand responsible? British skincare line Oskia.

Founded on the basis that good skin, is healthy skin, Oskia products are packed with natural ingredients including the patented mineral MSM, which naturally boosts collagen production (less wrinkles for us!), plus fermented nutrients which are easily absorbed by the skin.

There’s a lot of science backing the brand, from the nutrient-rich formulations to the pioneering first-use of natural ingredients that really work. But the bottom line, if you ask us, is that these are soon-to-be-cult products which are kind to your skin, and really work. What more could we want? So here are a few of our faves…

Gentle Scrub

If you shy away from grainy exfoliators that leave your face feeling dry and tight, the Micro Exfoliating Balm, £46, is going to rock your world. Light and creamy, it’s been cleverly formulated to slathe away dead skin cells and unclog pores using the tiniest silica and MSM particles possible. It’s also packed with nutrients that’ll nourish as they buff, leaving your skin’s lipid barrier healthy and hydrated. No more post-scrub soreness!



Complexion Revival

The product everyone’s talking about, Oskia’s Get Up & Glow, £64.50, is billed as a ‘radiance, energy and protection booster’, to recharge your beauty batteries. Giving you an instant boost thanks to illuminating particles, it also gets to work on your skin’s energy levels, delivering nutrients that are needed for better cell efficiency. That means better skin health, fewer lines and blemishes, plus a radiant glow that’s all your own.



Glowy Cleanse

Another first from Oskia, the illuminating Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £28, is a gel-to-oil formulation which literally melts into your skin. Though great for all skin types, it’s particularly effective on dry, dull or combination skin that’s in need of a gentle deep clean and hydration boost.



Radiance Boost

An all-in-one skin pampering essential, the Renaissance Mask, £48.50, gives pores a deep clean, gently exfoliates without any grains, refines your skin’s texture and leaves your skin feeling plumped, soft and smooth. It also smells good enough to eat thanks to yummy ingredients rose, grapefruit and chamomile!



Top to Toe Hydration

If you’re plagued by dry skin or Keratosis Pilaris (those patches of bumpy skin also lovingly known as ‘chicken skin’), this could be the answer. The Renaissance Hand & Body Cream, £34, is a delicious blend of rose and chamomile – plus plenty of skin nourishing nutrients of course – to soothe dryness, offer deep hydration and even out skin tone. Perfect in the summer when you need to flash the flesh, and super comforting come winter and autumn.



By Amy Lewis