This Insta Filter Will Make All Your Selfies Look Good

Celebrity make up aritst Patrick Ta reveals his secret to getting the perfect picture. Finally, no more filter faffing...

It’s the age-old debate, what Instagram filter do you choose to make your snap (most likely a selfie), look as good as it possibly can. If, like me you have a large assortment to choose from: Facetune, VSCO Cam, Afterlight – the list goes on, it can be quite hard to narrow it down.

Fun Day With BB @gigihadid Hair By @jennifer_yepez Nails By @nailsbymarysoul Makeup By @patrickta

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Plus, everyone knows what happens when you overdo it with the apps – nobody likes a luminous ghost face. So how do the celebs do it? Celebrity make up artist Patrick Ta who’s worked with the likes of Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigan regularly uploads pictures of his celeb clients makeup and they always look totally flawless, which he reveled is all down to one simple trick: the red Instagram tint.

She Slays A Lip @oliviamunn ?

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Yep, apparently the way to perfecting your Insta pics is all down to this colour because it helps enhance your features, gives your skin a warmer glow and makes shadows appear softer.

Obsessed With The Red Filter ? @itsashbenzo Hair By @chadwoodhair Makeup By @patrickta

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Shooting Today With @shaym With @ninomunoz For FLARE Mag. Hair By @luke_chamberlain Makeup By @patrickta

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We put the selfie trick to the test and it really does work; try it yourself, all you have to do is hit ‘Edit’ then go to ‘Colour’ and select the red tint. We owe you a huge thank you, Patrick!