This Girl Is Actually A Real-Life Rapunzel

Dashnik Gubanova Freckle, from Russia, has become an instagram sensation after posting photos of her INCREDIBLY long hair.

Dashnik, who has over 128,000 followers, hasn’t cut her luscious locks in 13 years and plans on growing her hair until it touches the floor.

Well, she’s not that far off!

Apparently, once she reaches her goal, she intends to donate her hair to be turned into wigs for those who need them.

Now that’s what you call a princess…

>Instagram: @dashik_gubanova


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As for the secret to her long healthy hair? Dashnik gushes about linseed oil, writing alongside her picture, ‘This oil can be used as a mask for hair…

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‘Distribute through the hair. Keep the mask for an hour or two. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo’ [sic].

Well if it’s good enough for the real life Rapunzel, it is good enough for us.

While she is living proof of #longhair goals, we do not envy the amount of brushing she has to do.



She must have STRONG arms!

Dashnik also doesn’t let her extremely long hair get in the way of her active lifestyle.

She has posted photos of her horse riding, sky diving and even on a motorbike.

Mark us down as jealous.


By Megan Wiseman