There’s Now A Make-Up Filter For Your Face, IRL

The future is officially here...

There’s no denying it: everyone loves a bit of face filtering. Whether it’s a doe-eyed Snapchat deer, or sneaky *ahem* bit of FaceTune fun – we live in a world where make-up sometimes just isn’t enough anymore.

And if you’d ever pondered before what life would be like if filters became REALITY then you’re gonna kick yourself that you didn’t come up with this idea…

Because that’s pretty much exactly what’s happened. You can now fully filter your face IRL. Yup, it’s almost 2017 and we’re pleased to say it’s officially the future people. Enter = the make-up filter

Real Life Make-Up Filter

The filter in question is called ‘TeleBeauty’ and has been designed by the clever beans at Microsoft Japan and Shiseido. The idea essentially came about for use by people who work from home, having to put slap on before doing Skype calls and meetings.

Instead of just sitting in your pj’s bottoms, throwing on a semi-ironed shirt and some make-up to look half dece in front of your boss, the TeleBeauty filter will just make you look made up during video conferencing. Genius.

But don’t worry – TeleBeauty isn’t going to whack on some puppy ears and call it a day. It calibrates skin tone, blurs visible pores and under-eye shadows, and follows the user’s facial movements so that you won’t tell that it’s a simulation.

PLUS: you can choose from four different make-up patterns to suit your general e’ryday make-up style.

face filter irl

Granted, it’s probably all a bit much for us and our boss might have to just deal with our hormonal spots and under-eye bags for now… but there’s no denying our inner geeks can’t help but get kinda excited about the whole thing. THE FUTURE, OOH.

Intrigued? Watch the video below to see the make-up filter in action…