Raw Honey Cleared This Woman’s Skin Condition In One Month

This is mad.

We’ve seen natural products do wonders before. In fact, these days we reach for the natural alternatives before the prescriptions and drugs. Skincare is no exception. If you’ve ever suffered with irritated skin, you’ll know how tedious it can be trawling through prescription products and creams that promise wonders. It’s usually at the very last straw that people FINALLY decide to give more holistic healing approaches a go, but one woman is living proof that maybe they should really be your first port of call.

“I’ve struggled with an outbreak of facial sebhorreic dermatitis since April'” she said, which is an itching, peeling rash caused by an overgrowth of yeast. After trying multiple steroid creams, she came across a study which found that all of the 30 patients that used a nightly 3 hour raw honey mask were cured of the condition.  She decided to give it a go and the results were truly shocking!

She specifically used Nature Nate’s Honey and posted photos before, a week after, two weeks after and four weeks after her treatment. This is what she did.

“After massaging with a mild cleanser, I massaged a thin layer of raw honey into the affected area and left it for three house, simple as that,” she said. “I cannot believe how quickly and relatively painless this worked. I plan to continue the treatment every other third day until all traces of seb derm are gone, and then to continue weekly for six months, as the study indicates, to prevent it from coming back.”

Sounds crazy? It’s actually pretty legit. Honey, specifically manuka honey has a whole host of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which make it the perfect choice to naturally heal acne, rashes and small wounds.

So, if you’ve given up hope and slathered on every cream going, maybe give honey a shot? Remember though, some severe skin issues do often require medical treatment, so make sure you go to a doctor first and never self diagnose.