Rainbow Roots: The Coolest New Instagram Trend

Rainbow hair trends are hardly anything new.

With the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Lott and Kaley Cuoco ALL experimenting with varying shades of the rainbow, candy colours have taken on a life of their own amongst Instagrammers, bloggers and red carpet stars alike. 

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But, now, there’s a new way to add a pop of colour to your barnet. 


Enter, rainbow roots. And trust us when we tell you that this trend is just as pretty as it sounds. 

We’ve been adding strokes of colour to our tips for years. Now, you can apply the colours of the rainbow to your roots. You know, to jazz them up a bit. Rather than spending ages dying long sections and strands of hair, applying colour directly to the root means you can maintain your normal shade, with subtle pops of colour peeking through at the crown.

The rainbow roots trend has boomed on social media, with creative colourists sharing snaps of their technicolour technique.

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Lottie Tomlinson, who just so happens to be the younger sister to One Direction’s Louis, has been totally rocking this look on her Instagram page.

With over 2 million followers, it’s clear that this little lady is already something of an online beauty guru. She also works with 1D’s make-up artist, as well as having her own website.


We mean, just look at the ‘shadow. Bold moves, Lottie. 

For a DIY application, we recommend opting for a bright (and non-permanent) hair chalk. The Pixi Lott Hair Chalks, £4.99 are perfect for this!

Step 1: First, section off your crown, and tie the rest up to avoid colour confusion.

Step 2: Apply the chalk in blocks, concentrating the colour on the roots and halfway down the mid-length. Creativity is key here, and creating a beautiful pastel pattern will only add to the festival vibe.

Step 3: If you’re keen to keep your bright side a secret, rainbow roots look beautiful in light layers underneath, too. Section off the hair from ear to ear, leaving the section closest to the nape of your neck hanging. Apply your colour in light strokes.

If you’re want a wash of colour on the roots without things looking too out there, you can also opt for a rinse-out dye.

We love the trend for its versatility: tackle pesky grown-out roots by applying bright colours around the crown, pop lavender under layered, blonde hair for an instant cool-toned boost, or opt for more of an ombre effect by choosing deep-to-pale shades from one colour scheme.

Fancy giving it a go? Check out #RainbowRoots on Instagram for more inspo, and don’t forget to tag us @lookmagazine when you post your look!

All of the fun, little of the commitment.

We love.