Rainbrows Are Going To Up Your Festival Makeup Game

First came rainbow highlighter, then rainbow eyeliner, but now a new multicoloured trend is taking over the beauty scene.

Say hello to ‘Rainbrows’, the insane beauty trick that literally turns your eyebrows into rainbows!


Instagram: @thatlonelycat

The trend takes mermaid makeup to the next level by colouring your eyebrows in a rainbow gradient. Makeup artists are having plenty of fun experimenting with the look – we’ve seen some gorgeous Rainbrow creations hitting Instagram – and we’re loving the idea for festival season.



Instagram: @kristenxleanne

All hail Kristen Leanne, queen of Rainbrows!

The contrasting colours of the rainbow gradient – what a way to channel your inner unicorn! – look awesome paired with a sun bun. Or if you prefer a more ombre look, stick to one shade and run from neon to pastel.


Instagram: @ohnoitsruthio

Though a daring look – not one for the office we imagine! – it’s perfect for a festival, event or party, as it’ll last just as long as the rest of your makeup, but wipe off at the end of the night.

No need to commit to rainbow brows for the rest of your days! 


Instagram: @mikaelasoderlund

Loving it? Here’s how to create the look for yourself:

1)    Start by choosing what colours you want to use for your rainbrows. You can use all the shades of the rainbow if you want, but we’d recommend using three key colours if you’re a   beginner.

2)    Using a small angled brush (the MAC 208 is perfect), take your first shade and outline the tail of your brow. Once you’ve drawn your perfect outline, use the same brush to fill in the area.

3)    Then, pick up the second colour and do the same to the arch of your brow, connecting it to the section you’ve just completed.

4)    Next (you guessed it!) do the exact same but at the front of your brow with the final shade.

5)    Finish by taking a spoolie brush and blending the colours together – this will give your gradient a soft, flowing finish.

And voila! Your brows are now mermaid-approved and colourful AF.

By Catherine Delves