Our New Favourite Fake-Tan – Madame LA LA’s DD Perfector

Self-tan has joined the alphabet race! Madame LA LA’s new self-tan mousse is a ‘DD Perfector’. This latest successor to Beauty Balms and Colour Correctors is a Dynamic Do-All formula – a clever colour customising technology, that makes your tan adapt to your natural skintone. 

The lightweight, tinted mousse is packed full of vitamins A and E (for plumped up, soft skin), aloe vera and green tea leaf extract (to hydrate) and coco water extract to firm, tone, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

 It passed our 5-day fake-it test with flying cololurs, making Madame LA LA our new favourite faux glow. Pick it up now for £36!

By Charlotte Jolly

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