Our All Time Favourite Lazy Girl Makeup Hacks

We love makeup. We love getting creative with makeup, trying new products and transforming ourselves with it.

And if there’s one thing that makes makeup more enjoyable, it’s being able to apply it in a flash.

Despite our passion for makeup, if you put a gun to our heads and forced us to chose between getting a few more winks on a Monday morning or getting our full glam on, chances are we’d take the sleep.

Luckily, there are heaps of tricks out there on how to minimise the time it takes to apply your makeup. Yay!

1) Easy Winged Liner

The king bugbear of our makeup application has to be winged liner – it defo takes the crown for being the most time consuming and stressful process.

A hack for taking the effort out of eyeliner is taking anything that can create a sharp angle – a credit card or piece of tape will do – and using that as a guide for your eyeliner.

Image: Pinterest

Your wings will be instantly sharp, polished and even. Yaaaasss.

2) Minimise Mascara Mess

Another beauty use for your credit card is using it to tackle messy mascara. 

Image: Pinterest

We always spend precious time cleaning up the mascara transfer around our eyes – but this makeshift barrier prevents just that.

Pop your plastic between your eyelashes and lids to eliminate the issue effortlessly.

3) Multitasking Products

Rather than spending forever riffling through your makeup bag of a morning, use multitasking products to save time and money.

Benefit’s Lip and Cheek Tint is a lip shade and blush all in one, making applying your blush and lip colour as easy as pie.

You’d be surprised and how much time you can save simply by not faffing about with lots products!

4) Chose One Wide Awake Product

Our ultimate goal when doing our makeup on a morning is to look more awake. Because when you look awake, you look younger, fresher and more radiant.

We tend to spend a lot of time attempting to look more awake with tons of different products – concealer, highlighter and lipstick, just to name a few.

Image: Pinterest

Although we love the look of all these combined, it’s only really necessary to use one product – you’ll still look absolutely glowing but with half the effort.

Chose either a bright lipstick (bright red is our personal preference) or use white eyeliner in the waterline to make your makeup look pop. No need to go to all the trouble – simply chose one.

5) Instant Root Touch Up

Couldn’t muster the energy to dye your roots last night? Yeah, us either!

Instagram: Pinterest

Not to worry, just take an eyeshadow matching your hair colour or a root-refreshing powder such as Charles Worthington’s Instant Root Concealer and apply it to your re-growth.

This will conceal your roots while also making your hair instantly more voluminous. Ah-mazing!

6) Use Setting Spray To Skip Steps

Setting sprays such as MAC’s Fix Plus will be your best friend when you’re looking to speed up your beauty regime.

Spray your finishing spray onto your makeup sponge or brush instead of applying a primer. It will make your makeup last much longer and it will apply like a dream.

Don’t waste time building your eyeshadow to your desired shade – just spritz some setting spray onto the brush and the eyeshadow will be so much more pigmented but with less effort.

Setting spray will help take out steps in your morning routine, but also keep your makeup flawless for the whole day.

By Catherine Delves