Puppy Liner: The IT Eye Trend Spotted Backstage At LFW

Cat eyes are out, puppy eyes are in.

Yep we first saw the trend hit the catwalk at Marc Jacobs AW15 show and now it’s officially arrived at London Fashion Week SS16, with PPQ sending models down the the runway rocking the puppy liner trend. We are totally in awe of the downturned line that seems to have taken the place of the trademark elongated feline flick. After doing some digging, we discovered this liner trend has actually been a staple look in Korea for some time, due to its doe-eyed finish.

> Puppy liner hits the catwalk at PPQ SS16

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Where as an upwards flick of liner will make your eyes appear longer, thinner and more cat shaped (aka super sexy), the puppy eye does the total opposite, making your eyes look bigger, rounder and seriously cute: think Japanese carton caricatures with their huge round puppy eyes. Plus, we are all in agreement that puppy liner takes half the time and causes half the amount of stress of the cat flick – we like the sound of it already.

> Our Beauty Ed Sam testing the trend

So how do you master the puppy eye? Take a black liner and line the upper lash line starting from the middle of the eye, or if you’re a liner lover you can start right from the inner corner, then line the outer lower lashes and join the two ends, meeting in a downwards pointing arrow in the outer corner of your eye. Fill the triangle in and voilà – you’re super cute/14 again, whatever way you want to look at it!

> The finished puppy eyed look!


Gabrielle Dyer