Easy Ways To Save Your Hair From Wind And Rain

Mother nature has been misbehaving and all that wind and rain have taken their toll on our locks.

If, like us, you are sick of styling your hair to perfection before leaving the house only to have the wind and rain ruin your style the moment you step out of the door. Here’s how to help protect those strands from crazy-weather stress.

1. Try A Styling Primer

Yes, primers aren’t just for your face! It’s well worth investing in hair primer like Wella Professional’s EIMI Velvet Amplifier, £9.50. Work a blob through your damp strands before blow-drying, and the clever formula helps give your hair extra hold and style memory. This means that even if your strand get blown ragged, you can simply brush them through and they’ll return to the style, whether it’s loose waves of a bouncy blowout.

Wella Professional EIMI Velvet Amplifier, £9.50

2. Buy A Stronghold Hairspray

May sound obvious, but a good quality hairspray can work wonders for preventing kinks and frizz from settling in. Simply mist over your hairbrush and then run it through the lengths, this will ensure every strand is coated. The hairspray will coat the strands with an invisible film to prevent moisture (we’re looking at you, drizzle) from triggering frizzy flare ups. Our favourite? Has to be Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce, £17.40.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce, £17.40

3. Your Quick Fix Saviour

You’ve been battered with gale-force winds en route to work? Don’t worry! When you get to the office grab Windle and Moodie’s Cream Sheen, £15, and work a blob through the lengths. The nourishing hair cream will tame any flyaways and restore your lock’s glossy sheen.

Windle and Moodie Cream Sheen, £15

4. Pick The Right Hairstyle

There comes a point when you have to admit defeat and style out that weather-induced bad hair day. Here are a few oh-so chic options…


The Halo-Braid Pony

A winner for taming those baby hairs that tend to be the first for frizz.


A Posh Ponytail

Gather your hair up into pony and simply add a ribbon for a cute upgrade. Or divide your pony in two and twist the two sections together to create a spiral braid.


An Awesome Updo

Whip your hair up into a cool topknot for an instant fix to stubborn flyaways, or embrace your inner girly-girl by rocking twisted bunches. 

By Victoria Jowett