How To Protect Coloured Hair At The Pool

Whether you're a keen swimmer or just like a bit of lilo action in the summer - anyone who colours their hair knows: chlorine wreaks havoc on our strands. So, in order to keep your tresses looking fresh all year 'round, here's the LOOK beauty team's top tips to protect your hair in the pool...

So we all know that when it comes to haircare: chlorine is a killer. From sucking out the moisture and leaving your hair looking straw-like, to completely messing your colour leaving your blonde locks with a swampy shade of green – yup, our dear friend chlorine, how our hair hates you babes.

But there are ways that you can protect your colour poolside. From at-home hair masks to making sure you hop in the shower straight way, listen up swimmers because here’s LOOKs top tips:

How to protect your hair when swimming

Tommy Hilfiger

DIY an oil hair mask

One of the best ways of protecting your hair in the pool, starts with the precautions you take pre-pool. DIY a super-hydrating hair mask by slathering your hair in natural oil, before diving in. We like coconut and argan oil best – they create a barrier between your hair and the water, keeping the chlorine from penetrating the hair shaft and wreaking all sorts of havoc. Plus, your hair will be left silky smooth when you get out. Winner!

Wet your hair before taking a dip

You know those little shower stations you find next to the pool? Utilise ’em! By wetting your hair with non-chlorinated water before getting in the pool means that your dry hair won’t suck up so much chlorinated water once you’re in the pool

Invest in a swimcap

Okay so we’re not suggesting you rock an actual swim cap on holiday (unless you really, really want to that is?!) but Phillip Kingsley’s Swimcap Cream, £22 does what a DIY oil can do and more. Protecting against chlorine, saltwater and UV rays – it’s like wearing an actual swim cap, without the weird egghead!

How to protect your hair when swimming

Wash your hair pronto!

Making sure you wash your hair straight after swimming is KEY to protecting your hair against the dreaded chlorine colour hell. Sure, it’s not ideal to have to jump straight from your lilo into the shower, but it will seriously help your hair, and hey – no one ever got beachy waves from the hotel swimming pool anyway.