It’s The Shocking Fat-Shaming Movement That’s Been Banned

If you haven’t heard of the Project Harpoon movement that’s been sweeping the internet, then prepare to feel really very angry. 

Because that was exactly how we felt when we first saw what was going down. Are you sitting down for this? Ok, deep breath. 

The phenomenon has taken over Instagram and Facebook, and it’s pretty much fat-shaming in its most extreme form. 

The idea is to take imagery of “plus size” women (and a few men), and photoshop them into thinner versions of themselves. In the most extreme cases, this has involved replacing one lady with two in her place, by splitting her into two halves. 

One particular picture was captioned: “Now this is a true looker in disguise. From double wide to a possible bride, being thin could do wonders.”

Absolutely shocking. 

>Taken From Project Harpoon


The page included real life photographs of women, as well as a host of celebrity faces including Adele, Rebel Wilson and model Ashley Graham.

The Instagram account has since been banned and removed, but that hasn’t stopped the movement from continuing on its mission. Going under the name of Thinner Beauty, which has a Facebook page and a website, the official bio states: “Here at ThInner Beauty we show how much more beautiful people could be if they made the difficult, lifelong commitment to a regimen of personal fitness.”


Tess Holliday, a leading advocate of banishing “impossible beauty standards”, was also a target, and has spoken to E! News about her feelings towards the movement. She said: “It’s abominable that this [Facebook page] is using my image without permission to promote themselves.

“I am asking my followers to boycott this [page] and any others like it. Loving yourself is the most powerful message we all need to stand behind.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves… 

By Laura Jane Turner