Probiotic Skincare: Is It Worth The Hype?

According to our Deputy Beauty Editor, yes... yes it is.

Probiotic skincare has been popping up in the beauty aisles for a while now. Whether it’s added into topical formulas or taken as supplements – there’s a new buzzword in the beauty industry, and it’s all about those probiotics.

It makes sense too. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your gut health. There’s been research that shows when you’ve got a happy gut, the rest of your general health is also vastly improved. Hence the reason why skincare brands are now focusing on improving gut health. Because if your overall health is improved, this should theoretically have a knock on affect – to improve the skincare problems that can be associated with poor digestive health. But is it worth the hype? Here our Deputy Beauty Editor Chloe Burcham breaks down the different kinds of probiotic skincare available…

Probiotic Skincare in Products

There are a number of brands using live bacteria actually within skincare products, to try and harness the powerful probiotic effects. The idea is to help your skin regain its natural balance –  just like how taking probiotics orally can help your gut. By harnessing the ‘good bacteria’ you can essentially fight the ‘harmful bacteria’ associated with inflammation, redness and acne. When applied topically, probiotics have been proven to lower the stress level of skin and rebalance pH levels.

Here are the LOOK Beauty Team’s favourite probiotic skincare products:

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser, £38

Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum, £57

Elzabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster, £45

Vichy Slow Age Daily Care, £28.90

Probiotic Skincare in Supplements

So this is where it gets interesting. I’ve been doing the 12 week Symprove challenge recently –  and am feeling p-reeeetty good. It’s basically a drink packed with live bacteria, and you take one cup every day before food, in order to rebalance the bacteria in your gut. In essence, it’s supposed to improve your general overall health and is great for people who suffer from IBS, digestive issues and the problem skin that can be associated with a poor digestive system.

What have I noticed? Two weeks in, I was noticing an improvement with bloating. It’s worth noting here that I don’t have IBS – but I do experience some IBS type symptoms. After taking Symprove for just TWO weeks, I found that even after eating a mammoth bowl of pasta, I wasn’t experiencing ANY painful bloating – which beforehand, would have sent me over the edge.

Now four weeks later, it’s my skin where the biggest, most noticeable change has taken place. I (fingers crossed) haven’t had a blemish for weeks, and my skin looks WAY more glowy, radiant and healthy. Even after 4 hours sleep and a prosecco-induced hangover yesterday (school night, guilty) – I actually decided to skip foundation because I thought my skin looked better without it! And that’s a big one. I NEVER go sans foundation. I’ve still got 8 weeks to go and am only feeling positive about it…

If you suffer from problem skin and digestive issues – then it’s definitely worth incorporating probiotics into your skincare regime to see if it works for you.