Do You Have Porexia? 45% Of Women Do

Apparently 45% of women do...

Porexia. It’s officially a thing, and apparently half of women all suffer from it. But do you? Well if you’ve ever scrutinized your pores under a magnifying mirror: chances are you do.

Because Porexia is the new buzzword, coined by dermatologists, for people who are obsessed with their pores. And we are definitely guilty of that.

Whether it’s down to the flawlessly airbrushed photos we’re faced with everyday – or the obsession with pimple popping videos – we’re a nation obsessed with our pores. And it turns out that our obsession is turning into an actual form of image dysmorphia.

According to a 2014 study commissioned by L’Oreal Paris, 45% of women want to change the size of their pores, and almost a third of those surveyed said they’re more bothered by pore size than wrinkles.

I Have Porexia – Now What?

But pore size is genetic, and there’s no miracle product that will shrink them. The reason why people often obsess over them (and why we all tend to have larger pores in certain areas) is because of sebum blockages, which cause pores to stretch out and enlarge.

So the only real way to keep pores from stretching out any more – and make them appear smaller – is to keep pores clean and unblocked. Cleanse regularly (using a salicylic acid wash if you’re especially oily) and exfoliate weekly using a BHA or AHA peel.

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