This Pore Vacuum Device Looks SO Satisfying

Blackheads be gone

Whether it’s watching those gross but mesmerising Dr. Pimple Popper videos or examining the results of all the gunk (ew) you have pulled from your pore strip, it’s safe to say that many of us find the removal of blackheads just a little bit satisfying.

But whilst pore strips are fab, there is another viral beauty tool that has done the rounds on Instagram – and it’s got everybody’s attention. Its called a pore vacuum, and it will literally suck out your blackheads with vacuum pressure. Yep, really!

Whilst we are unsure which device is being used in this video, there are a variety of Pore Vacuums on the market, one of which is called the Mulu Pore Vacuum which claims to remove blackheads, gunk and debris from the pores through air pressure. There are even a variety of nozzles available for every type of blackhead you wish to remove.

According to Mulu, to use the device all you need to do is simply place the nozzle around the corners of the nose and then work your way to the forehead and cheeks. The Vacuum will deeply cleanse the skins surface, remove any excess and dirt, AND leave your skin feeling softer and smoother.

It does sound a little weird but also looks SO satisfying. Say goodbye to blackheads!

By Emma Hull