3 New Ways To Pimp Up Your Ponytail

When we’re looking for a little bit of hair inspo, there’s no need to look any further than the red carpet. And it seems that this week, celebs are going crazy for ponytails. But not just your bog standard slick back and tie kinda tail- oh no! They’re getting jazzy with bubble shapes, gold ties and even faux undercuts. Here’s the styles we’re loving and how to wear them.


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Kendall’s Bobble Pony

If you’ve got long locks, this ones for you. Alternatively you could invest in a clip on pony like Kendall Jenner. Step one is to pull your hair back into a low ponytail, tie it with an elastic and back comb small sections to create your ‘bobbles’. Tie under each one with a clear elastic, or one similar to the colour of your hair, and keep going until you’ve reached the end of your tail.

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Was India Love (left) Heidi Klum's hair inspiration  



Heidi’s Faux Undercut

Heidi Klum must of been inspired by social media star India Love (left), but wasn’t quiet ready to commit to an undercut- if you’re the same, part your hair around the back, from ear-to-ear, and tie it off into a mid-height pony. Then take the top half and pull it into a super high pony. The two ponies together will merge into one, and make your locks look extra long.

Emilia Clarke at the premier for Game Of Thrones- Season Six


Emilia’s Golden Glitter

The easiest update to your ponytail is to add some jazzy accessories, like a glitter hair band, or two. Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke was spotted working a golden band bonanza along her pony. Tie one of Kitsch Metallic Mix Hair Ties, £6.37 (for 5), down your tail, and leave the end to hand loose.


Samantha Freedman