So, Pom-Pom Nails Are Now A Thing…

The beauty world is obsessed with nail art, whilst the fashion world loves a pom pom – it was only a matter of time before these two worlds collided. Yep, pom-pom nails are now thing.

This isn’t the first time nail art has gone a whole lot more 3D. Recently manis have been given an embellished makeover with cable knit finishes gaining popularity, and furry nails appearing at NYFW.

Next up is a pom-poms, and we’ve already fallen in love with this trend. Creating the look is pretty simple – you just need some mini furry friends (try your local craft shop or ebay) and a bit of false nail glue.

The fun part comes next: you get to be creative! Will you apply small poms to each nail, or one big pom and create an accent nail? Plus, the choice of colour combos is endless. You could clash your poms with your polish or match them. Or why not combine with glitter or another form of jazzy nail art?

This nail look may not be the most practical (we imagine washing your hands to be problematic) but it sure makes a good Instagram pic. And that’s what it is all about, right? 

We’ve rounded up some of the fave looks we’ve seen on Insta to help you get the perfect #pompomnails.

This bright pink pom-pom and peach mani combo is not for the faint hearted…


These oversized pastel poms will be sure to attract attention…


We’re a big fan of how this intricate mani has incorporated some mini mini poms…


Whereas this subtle look shows you how pom-pom nails can be chic – we love… 


Why not try a monochrome mani with a pom-pom accent? 



Will you be getting crafty and trying this trend?