The Strange New Eye Makeup Trend Taking Over Instagram

Because the smoky eye and feline flick just ain't cutting it any more.

Everywhere we look on Instagram, it seems that the days of regular eye makeup are long gone. That’s right, you’ve heard it here first – to simply blend out a classic smoky eye is no longer just enough, and the creatives out there are really upping the ante with this latest eye look.

Whilst dotted eyeliner has been having a moment for quite a while, it’s now the turn of the dotted eye, the fun younger sister of the trend, who just loves to colour up her whole makeup look. Sounds scary? Don’t worry, because it is the easiest way to dip your toes into Instagram makeup, without doing anything OTT – unless you want to of course, because are we totally here for that too.

To achieve the look, all you need in your kit is a few coloured liquid eyeliners, and maybe a bright eye shadow too. Simply just grab your trusted liner and dot away – it really is that easy. Best of all, it’s all up to you how bright and bold you go, there’s no written rule so colour it up to your hearts content.

Stuck with where to start? We suggest going for the classic cut crease dot or the dotted wing, which is pretty similar to your standard winged look, but so much more fun. Failing that, channel your inner art student and dot them wherever you want!

"itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini" 🎆 Day 9/100 #dotmakeup #blueeyeshadow #100daysofmakeup

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By Kelsey Dring