Pokémon Go Has Started A Surprising New Beauty Trend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of ‘Pokémon Go’, the new iPhone and android game which is taking us all in a time machine back to our childhood.

We all remember that excitement in the playground at school when we finally got hold of that Pikachu card we’d been dying to find, and whilst we may have all thought Pokémon was a thing of the past, it has well and truly landed back on the scene recently.

You only have to look out the window to see people glued to their phones, desperately trying to find the nearest Pokestop – but what does Pokémon have to do with beauty, you say? Well whoever said Pokémon was just for boys has been seriously proven wrong… introducing Pokémon nail art!

This is the hot new trend that Pokémon obsessed beauty buffs all over the world are now trying – and some of them are super impressive!

Whether you want to make a more subtle tribute to your favourite new game, or you want to display your Pokemon obsession for the world to see, there is bound to be a nail design to suit you.

Whilst loads of people have gone for the traditional red and white pokeball design, (aka the ball that you throw at Pokémon to catch him), there are also some majorly complicated looks being flaunted too…

> @marielou_nailart

Yes, some Pokémon pros have actually gone as far as painting on the characters in miniature nail by nail, and it must have required some serious dedication.

> @christrionails

Why choose between Snorlaz, Bulbasaur, Jirachi and Squirtle when you can have them all?

> @ayewuykenails

Another popular Pokémon look making an appearance is, (of course) nail art featuring the much loved Pikachu, which involves painting the nails yellow and then drawing on his eyes, nose, mouth, and his famously rosy cheeks!

> @manders_nails

Pokémon fans who like all things pink are opting for Jigglypuff, who’s known for making people fall asleep by singing lullabies. This Pokemon monster looks as cute as he sounds – and, come on, the fact his name is Jigglypuff is enough of a reason alone to paint him on your nails!

> @teampokego

There are even some blingy Pokémon fans who have gone all out and put diamantes on top of their nail art – because who said Pokémon couldn’t be pretty?

> @nataliemyhill

Sure, they might not be for everybody, but it can’t be denied that Pokémon nails are certainly having a beauty moment.