Finally: A Plumping Lip Gloss That Actually Works

£17.95 and worth every penny

Plumping lip gloss works by using ingredients that act as an irritant to the lips, making them swell slightly. These ingredients can range from natural irritants like peppermint or cinnamon to all-out stingers like bee venom.

What’s our obsession with big lips?

Well, lusting after big lips is not a new phenomenon. Granted, Kylie Jenner might’ve got everyone on instagram talking about pillowy pouts but from 90s Angelina Jolie to 00s RiRi: juicy lips have always been at the top of people’s wish lists.

And there’s science behind it too. Apparently full lips signal sensuality, femininity and make us more attractive to the opposite sex. And whilst we’re not suggesting you go out and fake fullness just to please yo’ man – if you are wanting to plump up your pout, we’ve found a lip plumping gloss that actually works.

Finally, A Lip Plumping Gloss That Actually Works

Some lip plumpers are so crazy-tingly they actually hurt (trust us… we’ve tried them!) but Wunder2 Wunderkiss Lip Plumping Gloss, £17.95 is different. There’s a slight warming tingle, followed by a minty fresh coolness that’s totally wearable. And call us crazy, we think there’s a pretty good difference too…

Of course, this isn’t going to give you the fullness like you’d get from fillers. But hey, for £17.95 we think it’s pretty damn worth it.