Pizza Scented Bath Salts Are Here And They’re As Weird As They Sound

Yep, really.

I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than sinking into a nice hot bath after a long day of work. But immersing into a tub that’s filled with scents like lavender, rose or vanilla is apparently SO last year.

Why? Well, a Japanese company called Village Vanguard has designed bath salts that will make you smell like your favourite food…pizza. Yep?

Simply mix the bath salts in with the water and wait for your bath to turn into a cheese and tomato concoction. Um, lovely.

To add to the novelty, the bath salts are packaged in a silver sachet which looks just like ramen packaging.

But if pizza wasn’t enough, the brand will also be releasing other Japanese food themed flavours in the line. There will be yakiniku grilled meat, edamame and even beer bath salts to choose from.

This isn’t ct the first time the novelty retail chain has released unique bath salts. Last year they also released a line of bath salts that smelled like ramen and curry rice.

Whilst we think these sound…erm…interesting, they are super cheap at just £2.27. So if you just can’t resist turning your bath into a pizzeria, the bath salts will be available mid-June from the Village Vanguard website.

By Emma Hull