Pixi’s Glow Toner is About To Change Your Skin

You’ve probably already heard about Pixi Glow Tonic, £18. Type it into Google and you’ll be met with beauty bloggers galore raving about its magical glow giving abilities. Pixi are so confident of its abilities to transform your skin that they started a 21-Day Glow challenge – use it everyday morning and night for a radiant complexion. Simple.

So, is it really as good as it claims to be? Well, I decided to put it to the test and try the challenge myself. It’s not often I use a product for more than a few weeks, unless I really love it, it’s not my fault, being inundated with products tends to make you quite fickle.

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The results? For starters I finished the entire bottle in just over a month, which is basically unheard of! Secondly, do believe the hype, this toner is cult for a reason and has been the answer to all of my skin stressors. Blessed with combination skin, I’m prone to both oil and dry areas so an umbrella product is necessary for my skin to look great.

This gentle exfoliating toner mops up oily patches and unclogs pores without drying other areas. The science behind the glow: glycolic acid breaks the bonds that keep dull, dead skin cells on the skin’s surface leaving you with clearer, brighter, more even skin.

Pour onto a cotton pad and sweep over your face morning and evening after your cleansing routine and expect radiant skin in a week!