The Terrifying Reality Of A 16 Inch Waist IRL

Get ready for a shock. Because body modification artist Pixee Fox is about to show you what a 16 inch waist looks like in real life.

The Swedish-born woman calls herself a ‘living cartoon’, and has gone to extreme lengths to achieve a body like Jessica Rabbit (who she cites as her original inspiration).

As well as having six ribs removed, Fox also permanently wears a waist training corset, only taking it off to ‘shower or work out’.

She’s also splashed out on a whole host of permanent make-up, including 3D eyebrows, contoured lipstick and even an eyelash transplant.

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But the most startling bit of her appearance is definitely that waist. Because, how is that even possible?!

As well as the corset, Pixee also tells Us Weekly that she sticks to an entirely raw food diet, and spends between two and five hours a day in the gym, mainly working on her butt.

Celebrities like the Kardashians and Jessica Alba have all admitted to using waist trainers from time to time, but Fox’s 16 inch waist is next level. And it makes us really sad.

As well as reminding us about the insane pressures some women can feel to have that ‘perfect’ figure, body morphication in this way can also pose serious health risks.


‘[Waist training corsets] have some serious health risks due to compression, such as skin infections, pulmonary problems, kidney issues and lung issues. Not to mention the fact that it can be extremely painful’, says Peter personal trainer Peter Lemon, an expert on waist training corsets.

‘Even the manufacturers of the corsets advise that people wear them for a short time only, due to the risks involved.’

Not only that, but your body literally bounces back once you take the corset off. ‘The problem is that waist training only makes you look slimmer while you are wearing the corset, Peter adds.

‘Once you take it off, your body will soon revert back to its normal shape. This is because wearing a corset will have no effect on the amount of body fat that you have. This means that in order to get long-term results from waist training, you would need to wear the corset all the time.’

Hmm. We hope Pixee is reading this.