Pinterest Predicts That These Are Going To Be 2017’s Biggest Beauty Trends

The brains at Pinterest have predicted the biggest beauty trends, from what we've all been pinning…

It’s finally 2017, and whether you’re on the whole #NewYearNewMe hype or you just wanna know what the year has in store for us, we’re here to help. Because the people behind Pinterest have released their 2017’s biggest beauty trends predictions for the year in beauty from emerging trends we’ve all been Pinning. Need some new beauty inspo? Look no further…

2017’s biggest beauty trends

Mirror Nails



Whether it’s all down to Gigi Hadid’s $2000 Met Gala metal manicure, these super holographic nails continue to be all over our feeds. Use nail stickers to get the look for cheaps.




The semi-permanent technique for getting brows on fleek: search terms on Pinterest are up a huge 255%.

Braided Top Knot



We have to admit, braids probably take up 99.9% of our Pinterest beauty boards – so it’s no real shocker that search terms for Braided Top Knot is up 125%. Just look how preeeeeetty. Now we’ve just gotta get the skills to master it.

Charcoal Face Masks



Charcoal is an amazing natural ingredient that works to pull out impurities deep within the pores. And if the Pinterest pins are anything to go by, they’re gonna be EVERYWHERE in 2017.

Heat-Free Hair Tutorials



We’re all guilty of overusing the heat tools on our hair. So the fact that heat-free hair tutorials is on the rise is bloody brilliant news!

Jojoba Oil

The oil of the moment – stock up on jojoba oil for seriously flawless skin.

Head Scarves

It’s the hair trend we didn’t really see coming tbh. Searches for head scarves have also risen by 25%. Sure, they’re great for hiding greasy roots but lets not pair one with ugg boots and gypsy skirts a la Nicole Richie circa 2004 again? Puh-lease!

Multi-Tasking Lip & Cheek Stains



Multi-tasking beauty products are going to be big this year, with combination lip and cheek stains saving us serious time (and money!)