What Is Pink Noise And How Can It Help You Fall Asleep?

This trick could help you drift off ASAP

White noise, the monotone sound which helps you sleep, is something we’ve all heard of. It is a common synthetic noise used for sound masking and can be used for privacy enhancer and sleep aid.

Many are the apps promising you a better night sleep, while emitting one consistent sound that has equal intensity at different frequencies.

What if we told you there’s another version of it, called Pink noise, which does an even better job?

Yep, you can wave goodbye to sleepless nights, counting sheep and excessive amounts of bed time herbal tea. You’ll now be able to wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Pink noise is a mix of high and low frequencies, and sounds much like wind rustled leaves or rushing water.

Basically, it’s the quieter, more natural sounding version of white noise, which makes it more relaxing.

It slows and regulates you brain waves, making for a better, more restful sleep. And where does its name come from? It’s called pink noise because light of the same frequency appears pink in the spectrum.

Studies have found that playing this noise while sleeping not only aids you sleep better, but also improves your memory.

Thirteen elderly adults participated in the two-night study, results of which were published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. On both nights they would be given a memory test at night, before going to sleep wearing headphones and an electrode cap, and repeated the test in he morning.

On one of the nights, the participants heard pink noise during the night, and after analysing their sleep waves, the researchers found that people who had listened to the pink noise performed three times better on the memory tests than they had the night before.

By Kristina Ivanova