These Zoomed-In Photographs Of Dirty Make-Up Brushes Will Make Your Skin Crawl

*Reaches immediately for the make-up cleanser*

We all know that we should be cleaning our make-up brushes on-the-reg. But seriously, when was the last time you washed yours?! Well, these new zoomed-in pictures of dirty make-up brushes will make you feel so gahd damn gross, you’ll immediately want to replace every single brush you own.

The pictures in question, were taken by a Reddit user, GarlicPopTart, who uploaded the macro images as a “friendly reminder for us to clean our dirty make-up brushes”

Yeah, thanks for that one babes.

Up-Close Pictures Of Dirty Make-Up Brushes

Courtesy of: Reddit / GarlicPopTart

There’s foundation brushes clogged with months worth of skin cells and greasy, grimey make-up to eyeshadow brushes that have definitely seen better days. And tbh, they’re all making our skin crawl.

GarlicPopTart wrote: “Here’s some pictures I took of my brushes using my Mpow Macrow Lens and iPhone 6.” After ONLY 1-3 weeks of use, the resulting images show dirty make-up brushes completely covered in dust, product, and grime.

Courtesy of: Reddit / GarlicPopTart

Grim, grim, grim, grim.

So yeah, if you’ve ever needed motivation to use your evening to clean your dirty make-up brushes, here it is. Brb, we’re off to disinfect our lives.

Courtesy of: Reddit / GarlicPopTart