The Perfect Lipstick Shade Is Apparently The Same Colour As Your Nipples

So, this is weird.

Everybody knows that nipples come in all shapes, sizes and colours but what we bet you didn’t know is that the colour of your nipples could be the key to finding your perfect nude lipstick shade. Says who? Says the TV show The Doctors, who started the theory behind nipples and lipstick and now it’s an actual thing.

Naturally, the internet had something to say about this pairing and tbh we have a few things to say too. Why has this only come about now, how has no one ever thought about this before?

Twitter responded in the best way it possibly ever could have – by going mental and posting some of the most hilarious giphs we have ever seen…

It seems like the news has got people suddenly realizing that their favourite nude lipstick has been the same colour as their nipples all along.

Other people did not seem so sure of how they would go about testing the theory without potentially getting arrested in the aisle of a makeup store.

All we know is we cant believe this is actually happening and we are scared/excited to go home and hold up all of our nudes to our nipples.

Ps: we love the internet.