This Korean Water Beauty Hack Will Give You Flawless Foundation

Makeup + water = flawless skin? Hmmmm.

Typically, we tend to avoid contact between our fresh face of makeup and water at ALL costs.

Melted mess is not the look we go for when applying our makeup.

Despite that being what we would describe as one of the most important rules of maintaining perfect makeup, beauty gurus everywhere are swearing by putting their made up faces in a bowl of water.

Ummm… okay!

‘Jamsu’ (which literally translates as ‘diving’ or ‘submerging’) is a Korean makeup trick which people are claiming improves the texture of your base and keeps it perfect for AGES.

Whilst Korean beauty has not disappointed us so far, we can’t help but feel a little bit sceptical of this supposedly game changing beauty hack.

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Like most tricks and tips in the makeup world, this one involves translucent powder as well as a bowl of water – which means we could only describe it as next-level baking.

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The process of Jamsu is pretty simple…

You merely applying your base makeup as usual… so your primer, foundation and concealer.

Then apply a translucent powder of your choice generously and evenly to the whole of your face.

Once applied, fill a sink of bowl with very cold water (sorry to say – it does have to be cold!).

Then, dunk your face into the water, keeping it submerged for no longer than 30 seconds.

Once you come back up, your skin will have an instantly matte finish, which will stay completely put.

Beauty gurus from Lottie Tomlinson to Kaushal Beauty have picked up on the trend, and the reviews have been mixed, with Kaushal saying it made her foundation look “cakey”, but Beauty Vixen claimed the technique was responsible for “the best my foundation has ever looked”.

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That’s a pretty big claim, but we suppose every makeup technique works differently on different skin types, and there’s no way of truly knowing without trying it for ourselves…

By Catherine Delves